Friday, October 19, 2007 Africa: Zimbabwe's Mugabe Splitting the EU And Uniting Africa (Page 1 of 1) Africa: Zimbabwe's Mugabe Splitting the EU And Uniting Africa (Page 1 of 1): "All eyes are, however, on the opposition in Zimbabwe. And here lies another tragedy. By identifying with the former colonial masters in the otherwise noble 'project Mugabe out', Zim's opposition fails to sufficiently excite the discerning 'Afrikanists' who have learned to despise neo-colonialism. The idea of African opposition politicians taking their cases to western capitals, receiving red carpet welcomes, taking care not to sound incorrect, in the anticipated exchange for future patronage is steadily going out of fashion. It is this, that is perhaps making Africa rather stand with her worst: men like Mugabe who have no respect for human rights and who think they are more important than the very nations they claim to lead. While Mugabe has split the EU, he has united Africa's spirit for true economic independence."

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Gerri said...

The people of Zimbabwe need to sort out the crisis themselves. The opposition may have been welcomed by western nations to try and resolve things. Nothing worthwile has happened so far. All that I see being done is putting sanctions on Zimbabwe which hurt the general population more than the people they are meant for. What can be done? It is all a sad state of affairs.