Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Review - FHTM - Taking "Network" To A Whole New Level

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (aka FHTM) has had the technique of a network to some completely level. FHTM isn't going to manufacture any products, yet it features a product for every individual. FHTM has produced their unique network by teaming plan high end, nationally recognized companies. A lot of people you are sure that already are using one or more from the products that Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is providing.


Promotes products and services that people know already, use and trust - AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Dish Network, Comcast, Verizon, GE Security, Dupont, Lamas Beauty... other great tales additionally, on.

Generous Compensation bonuses for recruiting new representatives - Unmatched in the business.

Unmatched Leadership - Paul Orberson made millions earning a living for the now defunct Excel Communications and it has now devoted himself, together with his a great deal of mlm experience, to helping other folks know that same success.

Solid Foundation - FHTM was established in 2001 by leaders from the MLM industry and is also 100% free of debt.

Recurring income Model

Support - help is ever present at any given time


Services and products Compensation is relatively low

Online presence - FHTM still promotes old school mlm techniques. They like to sell the business for a in person basis. They haven't yet put much attention into internet website marketing and their website pages aren't almost anything to get pumped up about

Is success is business possible?

Absolutely. However, building e-commerce does take time, so you must not be ready to success overnight.

I joined Fortune with the re-occurring income that is generated by services that we are already using. My business is now receiving a commission each time I pay my mobile bill, my satellite TV bill and whenever I shop online. The recruitment bonuses will add up to a substantial income. The rest of the income manufactured by your downline can generate hundreds, or even a huge number of little bitty commissions on services that could keep flow in month after month. They truly made more millionaires than any other Fortune Hi Tech Marketing company from the history of e-commerce.

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